Hire a Bugatti in Europe

Automobiles Bugatti, was founded in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti. Bugatti cars have always been appreciated for their exceptionally appealing designs, and for the immense number of races they won. In 1947 Ettore Bugatti died, and with him his marque as well, since his son had passed away in 1939, hence, there wasn't a successor for the company. Bugatti released its one last model in the 1950s, and was then acquired for its airplane parts business. However, an Italian entrepreneur purchased the brand rights in 1987, and relaunched Bugatti with a limited production of elite sports cars. Nowadays, the company is owned by the Volkswagen group. What makes those cars such a big hit, is that Bugatti cars merge together uniqueness, luxury, elegance, and supreme design. Furthermore, Bugatti's futuristic vision, an impressive background of legendary race cars, and the revolutionary manufacturing that palpably delivers the passion for automobiles, have helped this superlative brand carve its own niche.