Hire a Ferrari in Europe

Scuderia Ferrari, was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 before challenging into the construction of street-legal vehicles as Ferrari S.p.A in 1947.

The glorious symbol of the Ferrari team is the “Cavallino Rampante” ("prancing horse"), a black prancing stallion on a yellow shield, usually along with S F initials (as for Scuderia Ferrari).

Scuderia Ferrari has participated in a number of classes of motorsport, though it is currently only officially involved in Formula One. It is the only team to have competed in the Formula One World Championship continuously since its inception in 1950.

Ferrari is celebrated as one of the most prestigious luxury brand ever made, and it's probably the italian most recognizable symbol of wealth and exclusivity all over the world. By driving a Ferrari you will feel the adrenaline flowing, and no matter where you're heading you will have an unforgettable experience full of gratifications, power and excitement: basically, you can't go wrong by renting a Ferrari for your next trip.